// scot alexis

cello, percussions, vocals, cute background voice

thinking back of the early days many years ago when the cello sound first fusioned with the electric garage sound of chamber40 of that time, i realize that much has changed. chamber40 started to be not only a rock band but a particular one, with the cello cocooning most songs with sensitive melodies contributing to the melancholy which rests in some of them, giving the sound a new colour.

scot alexis - mostly known among the band members and groupies as "the cello" itself - is a duo of two subjects merging into one during each and every music session: the player and the instrument are two inextricable and intimate companions. having a long relationship playing classical music, "the cello" of the band is influenced by its traditional background, but during recent years has experiented more and more with different styles of music - free, jazz and hard rock -, therefore contributing to the overall sound of the band through the variety of styles it can adopt.

this is how "the cello" became an integral and essential part of the great majority of chamber40 songs, making the band complete. the role of this instrument has become an equalizer bringing together the different particular voices of each band instrument, and fusioning them along with the melody parts of its own. the cello neither takes a dominant nor a minor part in the band, but a special ingredient making the band's unique sound complete. cello parts can be either subtle and decent at times, merging with the deep sound of the base, or surprisingly harsh and powerful at others.

even though not regularly, you might hear scot switching the soft cello voice for the high pitched voice of a human being, adopting a rather harsh and rough attitude while performing, screaming and yelling to alex' rhymes. being the only female voice of chamber40 i'm doing my best to enrich the songs by the use of a different instrument than the cello - my voice.