// marc delacruz

bass, piano, guitar, drums, harmonica, recorder ...and he also sings

my name is marc d. and i play the bass for chamber40.

2004 eric b. told me that he had been working on some new songs and asked me if i would like to join. he and i have worked together before, but this time it was something different. the music eric was writing headed in a different direction than before. these new songs didn't need any mad rap-skills, but some skills on an instrument. i started on the drums, but i realized i didn't have the appropriate rhythm-skills, so i took the bass. with fab on the drums we formed the band "manticore". soon fab had to leave because of other personal priorities. so we closed the chapter "manticore".

a few months later we founded chamber40 with alex c. as our drummer. at this point we had enough songs to fill one album. as chamber40 evolved, eric expressed that we needed a second guitar for several songs and cris e. was more than ready to join the band. a few changes later eric felt the urge to add a cello for one song. we asked around and scot a. was found and joined after a few rehearsals.

we've been through so many phases and have grown into our roles. i had a lot of difficulties getting into mine, but with time i have learnt that every song needs a good solid frame. i keep it simple and steady. the bass player that chamber40 needs.

what can i say? this band has never been ordinary, it has always evolved and that keeps things interesting. i love writing, playing music and performing with this awesome band.

people out there keep your rocking ears open ... chamber40 is coming! peace out!