// eric bargain

guitar (or similar), songwriting, sometimes vocals, emergency drummer

thinking back all these years now, my addiction with music must have started around the year 2003. marc and i were into this hip hop shit (before it turned really bad..) and so we thought 'hey, why don't we do it on our own?'. well, we didn't.

what i couldn't imagine at this point was, that this should just be the very overture to something even more influential on my life.
it all started with my first contact with bands like nirvana or the white stripes, when i started thinking: "hey, i can do this too!". so we started writig songs, arranging them and playing them. and damn, we were bad!

but the point is: we've always had fun! we've enjoyed playing small gigs with almost no audience. we've loved standing on stage, feeling the rush of a life performance and the pride to present our own songs to the world. so we started gathering other music enthusiasts, who were eager to join us on our mission. and, as they always do, one thing lead to another...

and this is exactly the core of this band. it's not writing and arranging songs, working on our skills and performance, struggling for perfection - it's things leading to another, it's the joyful imperfection, it's this special half-hearted love between those five completely different characters, united in their wish to give everything they've got and make music.

that's rock'n'roll.

that's chamber40.