// cris eastwood

drums, guitar, songwritig, almost anything else... literally..

i started as a fan of chamber40. i was invited to some of their rehearsals and since then wanted to be a part of their rock. eric taught me how to play some of the chambers' songs, which inspired me to continue the journey of self-discovery through instruments. i then became the band's 2nd guitarist, which seemed like, you know, redundant, but hey! i was a part of it! but just "being a part of it" wasn't enough. and chamber40 doesn't work that way. we are not some people playing several instrument at the same time until the song ends. it's not about sharing a scale or rhythm, more sharing emotions and expressions. if people combine their voices, something interesting happens.

my desire for playing the drums grew, such as alex' passion for singing, so handing him the mic and giving me the drumsticks felt like the right thing to do. when scot joined the band, i knew, this is it. this is what i wanted to be. this band is what we all wanted it to be. next step: skills (yes! not until then!). somehow i had (and still have) to figure out how to reproduce what's in my head, as dynamics and melody grew more and more complex. (as all real musicians know, this is a life-long challenge). i started composing. i feared that if eric doesn't write all the songs it just wouldn't sound like chamber40. in fact, it doesn't matter. if we decide to play together, no matter what, it always sounds like chamber40. again: it really doesn't fucking matter.

now, i couldn't be happier, forming "our voice" together with what i can proudly call family. there's obviously nothing i can do with more passion in my life. so i made it my mission to make people experience what i experience, feel what i feel and to motivate people to do the same to others.

spread the rock!