// alex chambers

lead singer, part-time guitarist, lyrical contributionist

...and suddenly 2 friends of mine asked me if i want to play drums in their band. i was 18 years old, and the pure thought of playing in a band like all those gods of rock i worshiped, gave me a huge erection. i could not say no... i could not say that i can't drum for shit. i was always good in listening to music... but making it? i quickly found out that i freaked out for nothing. they did not care that i can't hold a beat for saving my life. it was for fun! ...and to pick up big breasted bimbos with the sentence "i play in a band you know!?"

ambition came later. and with it came change. change in form of the most honest and beautiful flattery there is... a fan. suddenly we had a purpose. a reason. making that fan happy with good music was all we cared about.

...for like a week... then we thought: meh, fuck it... making good music is way to hard, lets make that ugly son of a bitch part of the band, so we can have fun again! that -coincidentally- was around the same time my band-family decided to change my instrument to something with a volume control. since that, i am the glorious singer -nej... vocal artist!- of chamber40. since that fateful day we decided to treat all our fans that way. not only to play for them, but to consume them into the very thing they love. with that policy we quickly grew into this living organism of countless musicians.

5... were 5 now... and if anybody would like to become our fan and member, i'd kinda like to try rocking the triangle.

Alex Chambers